Organizing Your Printer Clients Using Labels and Groups

As your list of Uncord clients grows, you'll need a way to know which printers belong where.  So we've made this easy by allows you to tag and group your printers in any way you see fit. 

Groups can be used best for clients with multiple locations.  Labels can be used to specify test devices or differentiate specific integrations for example.

See the video below to discover how to set this up:


Creating Groups

  1.  Click the 'Sort by Group' button to bring up the groups screen
  2. Click the 'Add New Group' button the right add a group
  3. Enter a group, a description of the group and click save
  4. Add a printer to the group by clicking the printer and selecting the group from the drop-down menu

Now you can select that group from the Sort by Group screen to see just those printers

Creating Labels

  1. Select the printer that you would like labeled
  2. Enter the custom label for that device and click save

Now you're able to label each device as you see fit!


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